Friday, June 17, 2011

15 weeks out

Finally, to post again.........
Well Tuesday saw me begin my 16 week prep. I started at 22 weeks but to be honest the first 6 weeks, although i was eating really clean and all the right foods, i was eating way TOO MUCH of them! I haven't lost any weight, but, have started to see a few cm''s melt away. Even on my lower body which is a good start!
On the weekend i had to make a decision, either i really get focused and go for it for the next 16 weeks, or, i choose not to compete.
After talking to Esther and Greg, the decision was, to compete! Yay, glad i chose that option now.
I have had a fabulous first 4 days on the diet, feeling lighter already! and training has been a lot of fun. Especially the last 2 days.
Thursdays are always great training with Esther (legs and abs or another body part but always legs!) and then on Friday training shoulders with Patricia. A beautiful new friend who is also fairly new to this whole body building world!
Finally i have a training partner.......... i wish there was someone living near me who was into bodybuilding but it just doesn't seem to be a popular hobby down here in the South Coast. Well, at least not in the female population.
Maybe i might be able to inspire someone to take it up. :)
Greg is such a wonderful support, he is doing the 16 week walk with me. Dieting and training and he has lost a wonderful 6.5 kilos already!! And i might add looking fantastic.
On the work front, another little job to add to my collection. And i as very excited about it too.
More about that later.
Anyway, i am about to start my week end spending the day with my beloved daughter and grandson, so see ya later on................................;
Jan xx

Saturday, June 4, 2011

17 weeks to go

I am so proud of myself this week end.
Yesterday i did a good stair run session and a good treadmill session and today, I did the best stair run session i have ever done! and i did it all by myself :(
Yes i did 8 circuits of - jogging around the car park and then running up the staircase to the top and walking back down again.
After that - i did 10 runs up the smaller staircase (13 steps) so that was 130 steps in total.
And after that i did some scissor jumps on one of the bigger steps on the staircase just to finish myself off! 2 sets of 20 of those.
That took me 65 mins and after that i was EXHAUSTED.
I am happy to say i burnt a whopping 505 cals, so that really made my day!
Sometimes, we just don't realise what we are really capable of doing, until we just do it. Which is why one of my favourite sayings is JUST DO IT! Thanks Nike for that one.
Have a great weekend everyone.
Another week starts tomorrow, so go on, and JUST DO IT.
Jan x

17 weeks and 1 day to go!

Hi there,
Well so much for posting every day........... hahahaha - Too damn busy!
I am digging in my heels now! Finding diet a little tough. (What's new?)
I am eating all the right foods, but, probably a bit too much of them!
I am stepping up the cardio................. Gotta burn that damn fat off so my lovely big muscles can be seen by all! I know they are there, just can't see them atm. Hah!
I am enjoying the treadmill immensely and just started my once a week stair running again. Yay! Might even do it twice this week end. Wowie!
I am very happy with my progress with the weights. I am lifting heavier than ever before and feel i have grown considerably since last year. But, I do need to get rid of quite a few kilos in the next 17 weeks.
Gotta just bite the bullet and do it. JUST DO IT!
Work is going well. Getting plenty of work, but not having much time left for study unfortunately. Need to find the time so i can get my Cert. IV over and done with and start working as at Personal Trainer, which is my ultimate goal.
I enjoy taking my Community Fitness classes, and my After School Programs, and Strength for Life Sessions, but ideally I do want to be working one to one with people. Helping them to change their lives by reaching their goals and for many overcoming lifelong weight issues etc.
Anyway, all in good time.
Greg is doing so well he has lost about 5kilos in the last 5 weeks! He is doing better than me! Maybe we ought to get him competing this year!
Well, that's it for now,
talk soon,
Jan x

Sunday, May 29, 2011

18 Weeks out - Bring it On!

Ok, let the pre comp training really begin!
This is it............. Had a great motivational Seminar on Saturday with Perry Venakis at Esther's gym. Olympic Gym on South Road. All about BodyBuilding Nutrition and Pre Comp Dieting. Very, very, very, educational and interesting. And it was great to spend the day with Perry who is an absolute mine of information and very dynamic with his presentation and 8 other very lovely ladies. The day flew but it was jam packed with great info.
My training is gonna take a whole new level as is my diet!
Have spent the last 4 weeks on a metabolic diet and now back on my Carb Rotation Diet for a while at least.
Didn't lose much weight on the Metabolic Diet but - lost some cm's so that is a good start.
From now on though, it's Focus on my Goals and get in and stay in that Zone!
Greg has been dieting with me and has lost a whopping 5 kilos in 4 weeks. Well done Greg! He is quietly happy and by the committment he is showing also totally in the Zone too!
Today did a fabulous cardio session this morning nice and early. 60 mins on treadmill, burnt 560 cals. I am happy with that for a Monday morning session of cardio.
Monday is busy, busy, busy, with work, so may not get a Weights Session in today but my last committment of the day is my Community Fitness Class and the Mon night girls like to ramp it up, so i get to burn another 300 - 400 cals again tonight doing more cardio. Yay!
Tomorrow definately weights!!
Bye now,
Jan x
PS I am going to attempt to post every day now until comp day. So stay tuned if you are interested in my journey.
Writing a journal keeps me accountable - so i find it a great way to stay focused and on track. Even if no one else reads it. LOL.
Bye now,
Jan x

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home Gym

Hi again,

Well, Greg and I picked up the rest of our home gym on Sunday. What a massive day. We left early for our long drive, took the van and picked up a trailer from friend on the way. Fortunately all the gear fitted in the van and trailer easily, but so heavy!!!

The poor van struggled badly up the Freeway on the way home. Had to come up in 1st gear and I think we were sitting on about 40kph. Haha, absolutely everyone was passing us, and we were so worried about the van, poor old thing. Greg needs it for when he does Sound for the Band, so we were nervous we were gonna kill it with all that weight in and behind it in the trailer. We finally made it home safely. Then unloading and setting up.......... A workout in itself!

We managed to bring it all in and get the Smith machine, the tready, the barbells and the weight plates set up. The Tower of Power and Leg Ext/Curl machine will have to just stay where it is until Easter now, then we will have time to work out where we will put it!

We were so blessed. We were given a couple of rolls of rubber matting to put on the floor. Perfect. This stuff is great and not cheap at all. And what we were given, covered our floor space perfectly!

More later.................

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 12

It has been a very busy week! Starting on Saturday.

Big trip up North to check out a fabulous gym set up that is up for sale. Well worth the trip! Yes - we bought it and took some if it home with us in the van. Will be going back up this Sunday to get the rest with Greg's van and a trailer. Lots of fabulous stuff and some very, very heavy weights. Don't know that i will ever lift some of them, even just to move them - HaHa!

Then Sunday was Lil Lucas's 1st Birthday Party. Our gorgous grandson! Big day - especially for him.

Greg's mum stayed with us for the week end too so that added to the business! Fortunately I managed to get a really big workout done on the

Sat before going up to look at the gym gear as there was no time on Sunday at all.

However I trained very hard, Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs mornings. Having a Rest day today and back to it tomorrow!

Also started my Community Fitness Classes this week. Monday night was pretty good, half a dozen came along and seemed to enjoy it, but, unfortunately I will need to do a bit more advertising to get the Wed and Fri morning ones going!!

Oh yeah, also I lost 2 kgs somewhere in the mix too. So happy about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wed night went out for dinner for Lucas's actual birthday. That meant Cake two times this week. I know, i know, I could have said no, but until MAY, I am still not going totally full on with the diet. Once i start that will be it and it will be long enough, without getting too strict, too early.

Anyway, back to work.............

Have a great day!

Jan x

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 5

Friday. Well today i had an easy exercise session, I walked for an hour.......... My body is aching after the last 4 days of really heavy training, and seeing as i will be on the go all day today doing housework i thought walking would probably be sufficient for today. Glad I did choose walking as it has loosened up my stiffness and soreness quite considerably.

Tomorrow and Sunday I will be working hard again!

Yay, love Friday's. Especially when i can stat at home and get the house nice and clean and tidy for the weekend. Feel like it gives me a head start to the weekend - more time to enjoy sat and sun!

Gonna be hot today too so washing will be a breeze today.

Jan x